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African Bloodstone "Cherry Orchard" Jasper

Green, Red and White with included Pyrite in this African Cherry Orchard Sphere. (Sometimes Called African Bloodstone) 3.4 inch diameter 1.75 lbs
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African Picture Jasper

This beautiful Picture Jasper from South Africa definitely can compare to some of the nicer pieces of Deschutes! 2.2 inch diameter 0.60 lbs
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Australian Brecciated Mookite Sphere

The Australian Brecciated Mookite is difficult to cut, but the finished spheres are worth the extra work! 2.7 inch diameter 1 lbs
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Australian Green Cloud Jasper Sphere

This Australian Green Cloud Jasper has a nice striking pattern of green and white. 2.7 inch diameter 1.1 lbs
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Australian Rainforest Jasper Sphere with nice agate inclusions

Wonderful agate inclusions in this Rainforest Jasper sphere. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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Beautiful California Brecciated Lavic Jasper Sphere

Vivid Reds and Yellow in this Brecciate Lavic Jasper Sphere! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.7 lbs
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Beautiful Lavender and White King Cobra Jasper Sphere

Unusual Indian King Cobra Jasper Sphere with beautiful lavender orbs! 2.1 inch diameter, 0.5 lbs
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Beautiful Leopardskin Jasper Sphere

Really nice color and pattern in this Leopardskin Jasper Sphere. 2.4 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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Beautiful Oregon Owyhee Sunset Jasper Sphere

Fantastic Colors in this Oregon Owyhee Sunset Jasper Sphere 2.7 inch diameter 0.85 lbs
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