Agate Spheres

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Serpentine and Pyrite

Peruvian Serpentine with a lot of pyrite cubes throughout it. 2.5 inch diameter 0.90 lbs
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Spectacular Rare Mexican Flame Agate Sphere

Top Shelf rare sphere of Mexican Flame Agate. The red and pink flames are suspended in translucent agate! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Strange Mexican Sagenite Agate Sphere

We just cut one of two spheres of this strange Sagenite Agate from Mexico. 2.3 inch diameter 0.65 lbs
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Striking Black and White Bands in this China Black Lace Agate Sphere

This black lace agate from China has a fantastic pattern! 3.2 inch diameter, 1.75 lbs
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Super Blackskin Brazil Agate Sphere with waterline

2.1 inch diameter, 0.50 lbs
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Super Nice Mexican Moss Agate Sphere with Pinks, Reds, Yellow and White in translucent Agate

Excellent Mexican Moss Agate Sphere with Pinks, Reds, Yellow and White in translucent Agate. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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Translucent India Green Moss Agate Sphere

This Green Moss agate sphere shows great depth and translucency. 2.2 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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Tube Agate from Oregon

This unusual Tube agate from Oregon is super gemmy and shows a great pattern all around! 1.7 inch diameter 0.25 lbs
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Uncommon Big Texas Black Plume Agate Sphere

3.7 inch diameter, 2.50 lbs
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Unusual Madagascar Agate Sphere

This unusual Madagascar Agate Sphere has an interesting and beautiful fortification in it. 2.5 inch diameter 0.75 lbs
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Unusual Pink and Yellow in this Mexican Luna Agate Sphere

This Luna Agate sphere has unusual pink and yellow coloring. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.6 lbs
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Unusual Polish Dendritic Agate Sphere

Polish Dendritic Agate is rarely seen but makes a beautiful sphere with delicate dendrites. 2.1 inch diameter 0.5 lbs
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Unusualy West Texas Red and Black Plume Agate Sphere

We were thrilled to see how nicely this Woodward Ranch Black and Red Plume Agate Sphere turned out…it’s a keeper! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.65 lbs
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Utah Clay Canyon Agate Sphere

We recently cut this Clay Canyon Agate Sphere from material we collected about 10 years ago. Nice piece! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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West Texas Black and White Plume Agate Sphere

Nice sphere of Black and White Plume Agate from west Texas. 2.7 inch diameter, 1 lb
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Wonderful Moss Agate Sphere

Beautiful Patterns, translucency and fortifications in this Mexican Moss Agate Sphere 2.8 inch diameter 1 lbs