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Big Beautiful Sphere of Salmon Colored Graphic Granite

5.8 inch diameter, 8.80 lbs
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Big Pretty Pink Brazilian Rose Quartz Sphere

4.2 inch diameter, 3.75 lbs
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Big Sphere of Indian Ruby in Fuschite

4.7 inch diameter, 5.60 lbs
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Big Sphere of Texas Turitella…Uncommon!

4.6 inch diameter, 4.20 lbs
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Big Uncommon White Brecciate Jasper Sphere from Nevada

5.3 inch diameter, 6.20 lbs
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Big! Utah Red and Black Dinosaur Bone Sphere

3.2 inch diameter, 2.75 lbs
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Blue and Tan Succor Creek Jasper Sphere

A nice Sphere of Oregon Succor Creek Picture Jasper. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.6 lbs
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Blue Denim Lapis Sphere from Afganistan

Pretty Blue Afganistan Denim Lapis Sphere 1.9 inch diameter 0.5 lbs
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Blue Dot Granite Sphere, Australia

Blue Dot Granite has Blue Feldspar "Dots" that reflect the light nicely. 3.9 inch diameter, 3.10 lbs
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Blue Owyhee Opal Butte Opal Sphere

2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Brazilian Dendrite Quartz Sphere

This sphere of Brazilian Dendrite Quartz is beautiful and rare to find. 2.8 inch diameter, 1 lb
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Brazilian Rootbeer Onyx Sphere

This nice Rootbeer Onyx has great banding and pattern with nice translucence! 3.1 inch diameter 1.5 lbs
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Brazilian Yellow Dendrite Quartz Sphere

2.7 inch diameter, 1.10 lbs
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Brecciated Green Petrified Wood

Brecciated Green Madagascar Petrified Wood. This is rare wood is highly agatized. 2.7 inch diameter 0.9 lbs
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Bright Colors in this Sphere of Arizona Petrifed Wood

A nice example of the vividly colored Arizona Petrifed Wood showing nice grain and banding. 2.1 inch diameter 0.6 lbs
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Bright Yellow in this Utah Petrified Wood Sphere

Fantastic bright yellow in this beautiful Utah Petrifed Wood Sphere. This material was collected 40 years ago in the Henry mountains. 2 inch diameter, 0.40 lbs
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Brown, Cream and Yellow in this Oregon Owyhee Picture Jasper Sphere with nice scenic patterns

This Owyhee Jasper Sphere has wonderful cream colored jasper with contrasting tan jasper. 1.8 inch diameter, 0.30 lbs
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Burma Petrified Palm Wood

A really special Burma Palm Wood Sphere. Its covered with lots of contrasting eyes! 2.7 inch diameter 0.9 lbs
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Burmese Palm Wood Sphere- Really unusual Pattern and Color

This Petrified Palm Wood from Burma has a really unusual color and Pattern! 2.8 inch diameter, 1 lb