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Green Chinese Chopstick Agate Sphere with excellent pattern!

This unusual green colored Chinese Chopstick Agate sphere has fantastic patterns of pseudomorph crystals! 2.8 inch diameter, 1.40 lbs
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Green Snake Skin Jasper Sphere, Australia

3.1 inch diameter, 1.70 lbs
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Green, Yellow and Red Moss Agate Sphere

This beautiful Oregon Moss Agate Sphere has a wonderful mix of colors. 2.2 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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India Green Moss Agate Sphere with fortifications

This nice translucent India Green Moss Agate sphere has both fortifications and nice open green moss patterns. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Indian Green Tree Agate Sphere

This Indian Green Tree Agate Sphere shows nice green lines across the porcelain white agate. 2.3 inch diameter 0.5 lbs
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Indonesian Agatized Coral Sphere with great pastel colors

This Indonesian Agatized coral sphere shows nice color and cell structure. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Indonesian Black Heart Palm

The Indonesian Black Heart Palm is shows great variety of patterns and colors. 2.3 inch diameter 0.7 lbs
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Interesting Oregon Mushroom Jasper Sphere

Mushroom Jasper gets it name from the shape of the orbs that occur within the Jasper…a wonderful effect in a sphere! 2.2 inch diameter, 0.50 lbs
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Interesting visual effect in this Millifiore Glass Sphere

This Millifiore Glass sphere has an interesting visual effect. 1.4 inch diameter, 0.15 lbs
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Lapis Inclusions in Granite sphere from Peru

This Granite sphere has some lovely bright blue Lapis inclusions. 1.6 inch diameter, 0.25 lbs
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Large African Brecciated Jasper Sphere

5.3 inch diameter, 7.40 lbs
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Large beautiful Indian King Cobra Jasper Sphere

4.1 inch diameter, 3.75 lbs
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Large Sphere of Brecciated Mookite from Australia.

5.7 inch diameter, 7.60 lbs
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Large Uncommon Oregon Opal Butte Opal Sphere

2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Leopardskin Jasper Sphere

Nice color and pattern in this Leopardskin Jasper Sphere. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.5 lbs