Pink Spheres

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Amazing Light and Dark Pink Rhodonite, Yukon

2.1 inch diameter, 0.70 lbs
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Beautiful Chinese Graphic Feldspar Sphere

2.2 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Beautiful Indian Ruby in Fuschite Sphere

This lovely Fuschite sphere has some interesting color contrast with the Ruby. 2 inch diameter, 0.4 lbs
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Beautiful Pink Mangano Calcite Sphere from Peru

This lovely pink Mangano Calcite Sphere from Peru has some translucency in the banding. 1.8 inch diameter 0.3 lbs
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Beautiful Russian Eudyalite Sphere

3.8 inch diameter, 2.75 lbs
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Big Beautiful Sphere of Salmon Colored Graphic Granite

5.8 inch diameter, 8.80 lbs
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Big Pretty Pink Brazilian Rose Quartz Sphere

4.2 inch diameter, 3.75 lbs
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Blue Dot Granite Sphere, Australia

Blue Dot Granite has Blue Feldspar "Dots" that reflect the light nicely. 3.9 inch diameter, 3.10 lbs
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Calico Lace from Mexico

Rare Brecciated Calico Lace agate with translucent windows. A very clean re-agatized specimen. 2 inch diameter 0.4 lbs
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Candy Stripe Rhyolite Sphere

Candy Stripe Rhyolite Sphere: we got this material years ago and havent seen it since. Beautiful Pastels! 2.1 inch diameter, 0.4 lbs
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Chinese Pink and White Dendritic Jasper

3.2 inch diameter, 1.75 lbs
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Chinese Rhodonite Sphere

1.6 inch diameter, 0.30 lbs
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Gem Morganite, Russia

This is a rare large sphere of Morganite. Morganite rarely is available in large enough pieces to cut a sphere and this sphere came out wonderfully! 1.5 inch diameter, 0.25 lbs
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Lovely Salmonite Marble, Philippines

4.2 inch diameter, 4.30 lbs
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Mexican Vein Agua Nueva Agate Sphere

An unusual sphere of mexican Agua Nueva Agateā€¦.beautiful colors and druzy pockets. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs