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South Dakota Rose Quartz Sphere

This stunning Rose Quartz sphere is a beautiful shade of pink. 3.7 inch diameter, 2.75 lbs
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Special Rare Tugtupite Sphere

This is another of a few rare Tugtupite spheres that we just cut. Tugtupite is a rare beryllium aluminium tectosilicate. Finding pieces with the pink in them is highly prized. 3.6 inch diameter 2.75 lbs
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Spectacular Brazilian Rutilated Quartz Sphere

Super Clear Brazilian Rutilated Quartz Sphere. Very clean with one small area of internal veil. 1.4 inch diameter 0.15 lbs
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Spectacular Chevron Amethyst Sphere

We have been seeking out the best quality Chevron Amethyst to cut spheres from…this is the first of our new batch. Its really wonderful! 3.1 inch diameter 1.5 lbs
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Spectacular Chinese Dendrite Jasper

This is a really unusual Sphere of the Chinese Dendrite Jasper….It has Plumes! 4.3 inch diameter 3.25 lbs
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Spectacular Rare Mexican Flame Agate Sphere

Top Shelf rare sphere of Mexican Flame Agate. The red and pink flames are suspended in translucent agate! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Striking Arizona Rainbow Wood Sphere

Bright Colors in this nice specimen of Arizona Rainbow petrified wood. 2 inch diameter 0.4 lbs
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Striking Black and White Bands in this China Black Lace Agate Sphere

This black lace agate from China has a fantastic pattern! 3.2 inch diameter, 1.75 lbs
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Striking Stone Canyon Jasper Sphere

This is Stone Canyon Jasper from central California. One of our favorite materials! 2.2 inch diameter 0.7 lbs
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Striking Texas Petrified Palm Wood Sphere

This is one of our favorite materials to cut: Petrified Texas Palm Wood! A really beautiful specimen! 2.2 inch diameter 0.9 lbs
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Striking White,Yellow and Grey in this Chinese Coral Sphere

Beautiful Chinese Fossil Coral Sphere 2.1 inch diameter 0.65 lbs
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Stromatolite Fossil Sphere - Peru

2.1 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Stunning Bright Utah Petrified Wood Sphere

This specimen of Utah Petrified Wood is a one of a kind piece. Super bright colors and striking pattern. 1.9 inch diameter, 0.30 lbs
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Subtle Black Grey and Purple African Sugilite Sphere

2.2 inch diameter, 0.70 lbs
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Sunset Dolomite

Beautiful pastel colored Sunset Dolomite from Mexico 3 inch diameter 1.25 lbs
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Super Bright Yellow Stone Canyon Jasper Sphere

Top Notch California Stone Canyon Jasper…awesome bright yellow, fully brecciated pattern! 2.3 inch diameter, 0.65 lbs