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Moroccan Tube Agate Sphere

Unusual Tube and Banded Agate sphere from Morocco 2.6 inch diameter 0.80 lbs
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A lot of plumes in this Texas Canadian River Plume Agate Sphere

We just cut this nice sphere from our old stock Texas Canadian River Plume Agate. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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African Sugilite

This is a nice contrasting sphere of Sugilite with a bit of Bustamite. Very nice big sphere for sugilite. 2.6 inch diameter 0.90 lbs
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African Sugilite and Bustamite Sphere - Rare and Unusual Colors

The combination of Sugilite and Bustamite in this sphere makes for some rare and unusual colors. 1.7 inch diameter, 0.3 lbs
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Agua Nueva Agate Sphere

Classic Mexican Agua Nueva Vein Agate patterns: Fortifications and a few eyes! Beautiful pink/raspberry color with orange moss. 2.3 inch diameter 0.5 lbs
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Amazing Chinese Oolite Sphere - Great Orbs!

5 inch diameter, 5.60 lbs
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Amber Colored Opal in this Nice Oregon Opal Butte Sphere

This Opal sphere has a resplendent amber color. 1.4 inch diameter, 0.15 lbs
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Another Mexican Agate with healed "Ruin" features

This piece of Mexican Agate shows clear "Ruin" features as the old brecciations have healed and now appear as red veins. Came from the same piece as sphere ret00454. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Arizona Petrifed Wood Sphere

A nice red, yellow, pink and white Arizona Petrified wood sphere. 1.8 inch diameter, 0.30 lbs
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Attractive Mexican Leopardskin Jasper Sphere

This sphere is a beautiful classic example of Mexican Leopardskin Jasper. 2 inch diameter, 0.40 lbs
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Australian Blue Rainforest Jasper with a tint of Blue!

This unusual Blue Tinted Australian Rainforest Jasper is really spectacular in a sphere! 2. inch diameter, 1.25 lbs
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Australian Chrysophrase Sphere

This is an unusally large sphere of Australian Chrysophrase. Most veins of this material are only about 1" thick. 2.6 inch diameter 0.11 lbs
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Australian Rainforest Jasper Sphere with nice agate inclusions

Wonderful agate inclusions in this Rainforest Jasper sphere. 2.3 inch diameter, 0.55 lbs
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Awesome Banding in this Mexican Aqua Nueva Sphere

This Aqua Nueva sphere has spectacularly colorful banding. 1.5 inch diameter, 0.2 lbs
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Beautiful Orange and White Oregon Sunset Jasper Sphere

2.6 inch diameter, 0.75 lbs
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Beautiful Chinese Graphic Feldspar Sphere

2.2 inch diameter, 0.60 lbs
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Beautiful colors and grain in this Arizona Petrified Wood Sphere

This Petrified Wood sphere has a nice grain and magnificent red, yellow, and brown colors. 1.8 inch diameter, 0.3 lbs