Sugilite Spheres

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African Sugilite

This is a nice contrasting sphere of Sugilite with a bit of Bustamite. Very nice big sphere for sugilite. 2.6 inch diameter 0.90 lbs
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African Sugilite and Bustamite Sphere - Rare and Unusual Colors

The combination of Sugilite and Bustamite in this sphere makes for some rare and unusual colors. 1.7 inch diameter, 0.3 lbs
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Pink and White Rhodonite Sphere - California

2.3 inch diameter, 0.70 lbs
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Subtle Black Grey and Purple African Sugilite Sphere

2.2 inch diameter, 0.70 lbs
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Sugilite from Africa

African Sugilite Sphere with rich deep purple color and a white agate vein running thru the middle. Very striking example of an increasingly rare material. 2.5 inch diameter 0.8 lbs